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Why are Blue Media payments for Magento the best payment solution?

We support all of the most popular payment methods, including Google Pay, instant transfers, BLIK payments, Pay-by-Link, and card payments.

Multiple e-store support

One payment module allows you to manage transactions in several stores at the same time, which significantly streamlines and facilitates your work.

Purchases without registration

Some customers will abandon their shopping carts when forced to create an account in the store, which is why it is so important to give them another option.

Two modes

Test and production accounts – contact us when you are ready to implement the service and we will give you access to both accounts.

Simple installation

The Blue Payment module for Magento enables seamless integration of payments with the store. Our plugins are available for Magento 2.x and Magento 1.x.

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Available payment methods

Instalments, deferred payments, BLIK, cards, PBL, transfer


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See how you can implement payments in your Magento store

Go to

Go to http(s):// and log in as administrator: login (username) + password.

Add-on installation

When you log in, the add-ons (dodatki) (extensions) tab will be displayed. Now you need to choose how to install the Magento payment add-on.

The options are:

  • via an URL,
  • by uploading a file package sent by Blue Media.

Both methods are straightforward, and the installation should be easy. However, if anything is unclear, please contact ourteam and we will be happy to help you.


The add-on is inactive and requires activation.

Go to: System (System) >> Configuration (Konfiguracja) >> Sales (Sprzedaż) >> Payment methods (Metody płatności)

Blue Media payments for Magento will be displayed. The first field contains the option: On (Włączone), and you need to expand the list on the right to select Yes (Tak) and activate the add-on.

In the next field, you can select the test or production mode for the module.

The following fields are mandatory: Partner service ID (Identyfikator serwisu partnera) and Shared key (Klucz współdzielony).

You will receive this information when you make a verification transfer, get verified, and send us the addresses for communication between the online store and the payment gateway.


  • http(s)://
  • http(s):// /bluepayment/processing/status

The green fields are optional. If you do not select any suggestions from the list the field value will revert to default.

All done! The Magento payment add-on from Blue Media is already active in your store and you can collect online payments from your customers.

Blue Media online payments are 100% secure

We use a number of mechanisms to protect every transaction:

  • The transmission between all parties to the transaction is based on a secure TLS protocol connection with a 256-bit key.
  • Communication is secured with a hash function calculated from the message field values and the shared key.

The MD5, SHA-1, SHA256, or SHA512 algorithm is used as a hash function (the method is determined when the e-store is configured in the Blue Media Payment System). The default function is SHA256.

You can trust us

On October 1, 2013, we were granted the status of a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Since 2011, following the approval of the National Bank of Poland, we have been conducting billing and settlement operations subject to the supervision of the NBP.

We have a PCI DSS certificate that allows us to process card data in IT systems and payment gateways.

We belong to the Polish Organization of Non-Bank Payment Institutions (Polska Organizacja Niebankowych Instytucji Płatności) and the Banking Technology Forum (Forum Technologii Bankowych) at the Polish Bank Association (Związek Banków Polskich).

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