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What you need to know about photo verification

Photo verification is a combination of automatic optical recognition of an ID and biometric verification of the face, done with a smartphone camera.

Two steps of data acquisition

1. ID verification to automatically obtain personal data directly from an ID photo. The system compares the data in the photo with the data declared by the customer.

OCR enables instant data identification of the following information: name, surname, PESEL (social security) number, ID number and series, and address . The photo is also verified.

2. Biometric verification (liveness check ) is the assessment of the client's biometric parameters as compared to the identity document photo.

This step is optional and available in three options, described below.

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All our solutions meet the requirements of national and European regulators. We make sure our services are reliable, and our customers’ data – secure.

Photo verification modes

Photo verification can be performed in three modes, with one or two steps. You can choose on of the modes.

Static biometric verification

ID verification extended by the step in which the user is asked to show their face to the smartphone camera and place it in the area marked on the screen.

As a result, the document is verified and the image from the photo is compared to the image captured during the video session.

Biometric verification + head movement

Extended static liveness with movement – the customer will be prompted to move their head to the left and tight.

This mode provides an even higher level of biometric verification.

Biometric verification + connecting the dots

The most advanced verification mode in which the customer will be asked to perform certain tasks, such as connect the dots displayed on the screen with the tip of their nose.

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